Christmas decorator for hotels


Whoever is lucky enough to walk through your hotel doors this holiday season deserves to be welcomed in an unforgettable way. You have the ability to generate much-needed warmth and a festive ambiance for people who are in need of rest and comfort. 

At Christmas Brothers, we firmly believe that everyone should feel the Christmas spirit wherever they go. Weary travellers, work-trippers, and festive vacationers are all looking for a place to call ‘home’ while they are away. And you can provide that in a unique and magical way.

If you have been designated as the person to decorate your hotel’s lobby – or anywhere else in the building – you may be feeling a little overwhelmed right now. Well, there’s no need to worry about a thing; with us, you are in safe hands. With Christmas Brothers you can get the whole holiday package. We can help you design the look, feel, and color scheme. Then, when the time comes, we swiftly install the lights and décor. When it’s all over and the holiday season has ended, we will nimbly remove your decorations and store them securely until next year. 


The holiday season is a busy time for everyone. You want to make sure that your decorations are beautiful and can withstand the hustle and bustle of your guests. We understand. So our gorgeous decorations are not only the best you will find for glamour, but they are commercial grade and durable as Santa’s red suit. 

A Christmas tree can be a wonderful way to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to all who walk through your doors, and we have sizes that can accommodate the biggest lobby or the coziest corner. Add some decorative gifts under the tree and you may find your guests want to stay a little longer… 

We can also provide a huge choice of full and natural looking greenery, such as wreaths and garlands. These are brimming with earthy, seasonal tones and they both look perfect above welcome desks and doorways. Garlands look great wrapped around pillars and along corridors too. 

And don’t forget the all-important holiday lighting to create a warm, fuzzy feeling too. Twinkling mini lights, cone-shaped lights, and heavenly sphere lights each have an atmosphere of their own, and look absolutely stunning when used in combination. 


When your guests arrive at your hotel, give them a greeting they can’t help but fall in love with before they even enter the building. By adding lighting and decorations to the outside of your business, parking areas, and walkways, you are already letting people know they are welcome in your comfy and cozy hotel.

You can even consider having garlands and a Christmas tree outside the premises, providing that tingly feeling to staff and visitors alike. All our outdoor décor is safe and hard-wearing. 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to Christmas Brothers’ list of decorative options. Uplights and wash lights can really show off your building’s unique architecture, giving a dramatic effect. We can provide lighting in your own branded colors or classic, traditional holiday colors.


We have worked with many of California’s best hotels. So don’t settle for anything less than perfection. Make an inquiry with Christmas Brothers, and you will be guided through your options for perfectly decorating your hotel this season. You can tell us what you would like or we can provide help for the whole process. We always listen to your needs and can give you advice if you need it. 

Once you have made your appointment, your dedicated team of Christmas Brothers will install your chosen decorations with maximum empathy for your staff and guests. After every install, we make sure that all your décor and lighting is fully tested; then you’re set for the whole season. But if anything should need fixing we will be with you within 48 hours. 

In January we will arrive again for the speedy removal of your decorations. Your winter wonderland will be stored away for the year, before coming back out of hibernation in top condition next season! 

We know that once you have booked Christmas Brothers to install your holiday décor this year, we will be your decorating buddies for years to come.

Check in with us for a quote!