Christmas decorator for car dealerships


Santa doesn’t usually drive a car, but if he did he would come buy one from your dealership. How do we know? Because when you’ve decorated it with some lighting and décor from Christmas Brothers, he won’t be able to resist you! 

This Christmas, make sure your cars are not the only things that shine brightly in your showroom. Create a winter wonderland at your business and delight your customers with your unique Christmas spirit. 


Having a Christmassy and exciting business means having Christmassy and excited customers! Your dealership has so many opportunities to provide that holiday spirit in your visitors, before they drive off into the sunset in their new purchase.

For starters, the parking lot where you keep your cars is a fantastic, open space for adding some showstopping decorations. Here, you could add lights amongst your trees and shrubs, such as mini lights that can be wrapped around anything, or planet-like ‘sphere’ lights, which add a real atmospheric effect to even the darkest of areas. You can also add traditional bulbs to your roofline to really stand out. You could even add some models and inflatables.

Welcome your customers inside your building with a luscious wreath on your doorway. Wreaths can be decorated professionally by us, as simply or as decoratively as you like. The addition of garlands can bring continuity and help draw people into your premises. We think their greenery adds a feeling of enchanted winter forests. And speaking of which…

A Christmas tree placed in a prominent spot outside or in your office creates a dazzling talking point. Staff and visitors can excitedly gather around your glittering tree as they browse brochures and chat to you about their perfect vehicle. 

And you can be assured that our decorations are made to last: they are all commercial grade and ideal for lively businesses like yours. If you choose Christmas Brothers for your holiday lighting installation, you will get gorgeous and safe decorations, year after year. 


We think you get it by now: we love Christmas! If you’re ready to get in the driver’s seat and get started on your Christmas decorating plans, contact us. Call or email us and we will find out exactly what you’re looking for, offering advice if you need it. 

You can tell us your own design ideas or ask our team for some guidance. For example, we can tell you what colors are popular at the moment, or you can choose your own brand colors. Then, when you’re ready for us to install everything, we will quickly and carefully install your lights, trees, and other decorations. We always make sure everything is in perfect working order, but if any issues should arise, we can get to you within 48 hours. Then in the New Year, we will dismantle your display and store it away until next season!