Christmas decorator for municipalities


Put your town or city firmly on the map this Christmastime! Impress Santa with sparkling Christmas lights and decorations in and around your streets and buildings; he’ll find you easily when he comes to town this year.

At Christmas Brothers, we believe that everybody should be given some Christmas spirit everywhere they go. Your local area is full of people working, shopping, visiting, and getting together. A shimmering, festive backdrop will make sure they enjoy their time doing all those things. And as the organiser of your municipality’s Christmas decorations and lighting, you can beam with pride at your home town’s dazzling display.


Draw in more excited visitors and delight your locals with some beautiful winter displays. What can you include in your décor selection? We’ll tell you…

Prominent buildings and main streets are perfect places to add a splash of color with some seasonal lighting. Depending on the size of the space you’re decorating, you could add string lights, mini lights, and bulbs. These look great hanging between buildings and even running around rooflines. 

A Christmas tree at the centre of your town is a wonderful focal point. Residents and visitors can excitedly gather around your glittering tree in the days and evenings leading up to Christmas. A tree – real or artificial – is the perfect way to wish everyone ‘Merry Christmas’ this year, and show them how much you care. We can professionally decorate it thanks to our specialist equipment, and it can be as big as you dare!

Another way to add lovely Christmas surprises around your streets and buildings is the addition of some winter greenery. We have commercial grade wreaths and garlands, which can be decorated simply with bows, or with some professionally designed ornaments. 

Doorways, street lights, trees, and shrubs are all places which can be lit up with decorations and lighting. Light up your town or city with cute mini lights, classic C9 light bulbs, and celestial sphere lights. On their own they add a fabulous Christmas feeling; used together they look absolutely sensational. 

All our decorations are commercial grade and are ideal for bustling municipalities, whether you are in a village, town, or city. If you choose Christmas Brothers as your holiday lighting installers, we will provide decorations that are not only beautiful, but safe and robust too.


So, if you’re ready to speak to us, now is the time! Call or email us and we will have a chat with you about everything you need. 

You can ask for as much or as little help with designing as you like. We can help you come up with the whole look and color palette of your Christmas display. We can quickly and carefully install your lights and décor across your municipality. We will make sure it’s all in perfect working order but, if necessary we can be with you to look at any problems within 48 hours. Then in January, we will come and dismantle it all, keeping it safe and sound until next season!