Christmas decorator for malls


You don’t need us to tell you that Christmas is the most important time of year for retail stores and malls. So making your mall look as magical as possible will make shoppers feel great and spend money. 

The perfect Christmas lighting and decorations will brighten everyone’s hearts this season. You’re in the right place for the whole package; we take care of it all. From designing your mall’s look and color scheme, to swiftly and safely installing the lights and decorations both inside and out. You can hand over the full responsibility to our team of helpful, jolly experts!


You might be thinking about wreaths and garlands amongst the stores and food halls. Lighting looks great above doorways, along the walkways, and wrapped around pillars. Give them the wow factor, your visitors will love you for it!

How about some beautiful, eye-catching lights and decorations outside the mall to draw customers in? Dreaming of a large, statement Christmas tree where shoppers of all ages can gather to feel the magic of the season? Great! We have it all covered, with hundreds of products for you to choose from. 

If you need some decor and lighting for the main man himself, we can provide everything you need for a Santa’s grotto that will draw crowds day after day.


From the moment you call us, we will talk through design options and ideas for your mall with you. We will take you through the whole process seamlessly and easily, offering advice if you need it. 

A team of Brothers will install your decorations during your mall’s closing hours for least disruption to your store owners and customers. We will make sure that everything is tested and in great working order before leaving you to enjoy your winter wonderland. We promise perfectly operating decorations and lights, but should something need fixing, we will be there within 48 hours. 

In January we will arrange a smooth and speedy removal of your decorations, again during closing hours to ensure no inconvenience to your customers. We can store your lights, trees, wreaths, and other decorations safely until next Christmas.

Once you have chosen Christmas Brothers for your first holiday decor installation, you can come back to us year after year.