Christmas decorator for casinos


Your casino is full of luck, right? You can make sure all your patrons are lucky during the next holiday season: give them the full Christmas Brothers holiday experience! Your clients will love to be welcomed into your establishment time and again, if you provide the perfect holiday atmosphere.

At Christmas Brothers, we truly believe that people from every walk of life should be provided with the Christmas spirit wherever they go. Your business is a place where people come to enjoy nights out with friends, spend some time after a long day’s work, and maybe even have their office Christmas party. 


Keep your patrons engaged with a stunning holiday display this year. We have lighting and decorations for indoors and outdoors. 

Whether they are passing through or regulars you see time and again, you can make your casino a welcoming and vibrant environment for your customers. All our decorations are commercial grade and are ideal for bustling businesses like yours. If you choose us as your holiday lighting installation specialists, we will ensure that your decorations are stunningly beautiful and robust too.

A Christmas tree in an entrance room or other open area is a fabulous way to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to everyone who passes by. We have an extensive list of products available, and many combinations of ornaments and lighting to professionally decorate your tree. We have a tree for any sized space, from large rooms to snug corners. 

Make a real statement and stand out from your neighboring businesses with our Christmas wreaths and garlands. Our seasonal greenery items strike the perfect tone for a casino, leading your patrons from one area to another with vibrant, festive style. Wreaths and garlands are perfect on doorways, along corridors, and even draped around your casino fixtures. Garlands look awesome looped around pillars, too. 

Light up their faces with sparkling mini lights, classic C9 light bulbs, and celestial sphere lights. Each of these creates an atmosphere of its own: together they look absolutely glorious. 

You could even consider putting garlands, wreaths and a Christmas tree outside your casino, as a beacon to staff and visitors alike. All our outdoor décor is weather-proof and durable.

Add to your already-electric atmosphere with our dramatic outdoor lighting. Tastefully placing uplights in festive or brand colors will illuminate an entire area. It’s a great way to add cheerful lighting to areas that are difficult to secure lights and décor.


You can ask for as much or as little help as you like. We can help you come up with designs for the whole look, feel, and color scheme of your casino Christmas display. On your installation day, we speedily and carefully install your lights and décor. Any problems or questions after installation? Call us, and if necessary we can be with you within 48 hours. Then at the end of the season, we remove your decorations and keep them securely until next year! 

Don’t gamble – call us!