Christmas decorator for office lobbies


Adding some holiday décor and Christmas trees for office lobbies is a thoughtful way to provide cheer for your tenants. Add a decorated Christmas tree or decorated garland to give your lobby a warm and inviting ambiance during the holiday season. 

At Christmas Brothers, we believe that going to work doesn’t have to mean leaving the holidays behind. Why only have the Christmas spirit at home? 

If you have been assigned as the person to decorate the office lobby – or anywhere else in your building – you may be feeling a little daunted by the task. Well, don’t worry about a thing; with us, you are in good hands. We can offer you the whole package, from designing the overall look and any color scheme, to quickly and safely installing the lights and décor. Then, when you’re ready to say goodbye, we will take the decorations away for safekeeping until next year. 


We know that, once you have added a splash of Christmas color and some gorgeous lights to your office lobby, the serious-looking people passing through in their suits will turn a little nostalgic and sentimental. Not to mention the visitors and other staff in your building. 

While we have many decorative items that will turn your office building Christmassy such as icicle lights, uplights, mini lights, and traditional bulbs, we can also help you make a statement with a Christmas tree as tall as your lobby, complete with ornaments and even presents for under the tree.  

We can provide delightful wreaths and garlands that look perfect above welcome desks and doorways. Garlands also look great wrapped around pillars and along corridors. If it’s there – and if it’s bare – we will decorate it!


Our decorations and holiday lighting don’t just look great inside the building. Give people the wow factor with lighting in parking lots and around trees and bushes. You can create a winter wonderland no matter what the weather, with our twinkling mini lights and bulbs. 

You can even have garlands and a Christmas tree outside the office, providing a warm welcome to staff and visitors alike. All our outdoor décor is safe and durable.

Uplights and wash lights can highlight your building’s architectural features and give a dramatic effect. Choose some branded colors, or simple traditional holiday colors, and you’ll be the talking point of your neighborhood! 


When you make an inquiry with us, we will guide you through options and ideas for decorating your office space. We will take you through the whole process smoothly and simply, and we are always ready to listen to your needs and offer advice if you need it. 

A team of Christmas Brothers will come along and install your chosen decorations at a convenient time, with empathy for your office workers. Before we leave you to enjoy your new holiday look, we will make sure that everything is fully tested and in perfect working order. We promise flawlessly operating decorations and lights, but if anything does need fixing we will come to restore it within 48 hours. 

In January we will arrange for the swift and fuss-free removal of your decorations. We will safely store your lights, trees, wreaths, and other decorations until next season!

Once you have chosen Christmas Brothers for your first holiday décor installation, you can come back to us year after year. 

Make your office love you!