Chrismas light installation
Manhattan Beach

Hey Manhattan Beach! Let Christmas Brothers decorate your surf city property this season. We have the most beautiful and robust holiday lighting that will look stunning on your trees, walkways, and entrances – and we know it will be perfect, because did you know that your city is our home town too?

Having served Southern California with the best holiday lighting for many years now, from Christmas Brothers you will get nothing less than professional Christmas light installation in Manhattan Beach. Whether you live in The Hill Section or Downtown, Christmas Brothers have everything you need to add holiday spirit to your building.

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Welcome Santa to Our Seaside City

While it’s amazing to be in Manhattan Beach all year round, naturally, we love it most at Christmastime – when even the pier gets lit up! The city just comes to life in such a wonderful way, whether that is swaying palm trees covered with a million twinkling mini lights, or other areas softly glowing in the warmth of sphere lights placed in the shadier spots.

Commercial Christmas Light Installation 

If you work at a Manhattan Beach office, bank, store, or another commercial building that is in need of a Christmas makeover, we cannot wait to hear from you.
As your very own Manhattan Beach Christmas light installers, Christmas Brothers elves have bags of enthusiasm as well as a truckload of commercial-grade lighting – and while the choice of colors for the lights is yours, you can always ask our design teams for advice if you need it.

You will be helped by your own personal elf who will be there with you from the first chat through to custom Christmas light installation to safe and quick removal at the end of the season (oh no, too sad!) Our team has won awards for their kindness, efficiency, and all-around Christmas enthusiasm, you know.

Make Us Part of Your Team

Residential Christmas Light Installation

While it can be tempting to think, “I don’t know any Christmas light installers near me, I think I’ll just do it myself again this year” we highly suggest you take a look at our reams of positive reviews for residential Christmas light installation – because our lighting is not only designed for big, commercial buildings but for cozy family homes too.

Whether you live in a bungalow or a three-story home, we think you should leave the tricky jobs like roof Christmas light installation to us, the people who have the tools, equipment, and know-how to quickly and safely put up the best quality lighting, leaving you to enjoy your holiday movie nights and cookie baking!

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The Plight Before Christmas

There are a lot of questions to ask yourself when you attempt to hang your own outdoor Christmas lighting in your Manhattan Beach home or workplace: where do you find color changing LED Christmas lights? How do I hang the lights, and how many do I need to make a great display?

There is one easy answer: speak to the Christmas Brothers team. And if there are other questions coming to mind like, ‘what is the Christmas light install cost?’ we will make sure you have all the information you need before we come along to add that vital splash of holiday luminescence.

How it Works

Click the link below to complete our quick form, telling us everything you wish for. We will gather marvelous ideas within your budget, then send our team along to hang your lights on a day that suits you. The team is on hand throughout the season if you need any maintenance and will come take everything away in the New Year.

Your property deserves the best – and Christmas Brothers are ready to install your Christmas lighting anywhere in Manhattan Beach!