Chrismas light installation
Orange County

On December first, do you find yourself rummaging through boxes in your garage only to find tangled strings of holiday lights and sad, dust-covered ornaments? Save yourself the pain of this process again this year by calling us at Christmas brothers – and give your home the Christmas twinkle it deserves!

We know you love Christmas in Orange County and so we want to make it even more special this year by taking care of your lighting and décor, indoors and out. We have a warehouse full of festive lighting and décor and will send a team of helpers to light up your home or business safely and quickly, so you can kick back and enjoy the holiday season in style.

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Commercial Christmas Light Installation – What’s on the Good List?

As professional Christmas decorators, we will provide you with bespoke commercial grade decorations and lights to meet your exact needs, and provide you with any other festive décor you desire – our good list is longer than your arm!

For example, we have classic white or warm white lights for an Arctic look, or if you prefer something a little more nostalgic, choose color changing LED Christmas lights that will make your establishment stand out from all the rest!

Take the worry away from tackling outdoor tree and roof decorating by recruiting our eager team of Christmas helpers who have the tools, know-how, and experience to get those bad boys up and shining brightly in no time at all.

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Orange County Christmas Light Installers for Residential Properties

If you have always wondered “is there someone who can help with Christmas lighting installation near me?”, the answer is, “yes – with bells on!”

When it comes to hanging your Christmas lights, don’t recreate the crazy scenes from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – call in the experts to create beautiful, twinkling displays. For all things to do with residential outdoor décor and lights this holiday season, Christmas Brothers have you covered!


It can be very hard to figure out how to make a wonderful Christmas display work well. How do you find all the décor you love? How do you reach the top of that roofline, and how on earth do you fix a light if it starts to blink?

There is a very easy answer to all your questions: call Christmas Brothers! With us, you will get the best of all worlds – ideas, styles, lighting, installation, plus maintenance and removal. It really is the whole Christmas package.

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How it works

From the word “go”, Christmas Brothers are here to guide you (just like Rudolph) – we will talk you through designs and budget, and even make drawings for you to approve.
We will delve, head first, into our warehouse to find the perfect lighting and ornaments for your wish list, then on a date that you are happy with – and that can be as early in the year as you like, by the way – we will come and work with hands light as elves to set you up for a magical holiday season.

So, How Much To Install Christmas Lights in Orange County?

The cost depends on what you need – because we provide you with a bespoke service, we can talk you through costs and your ideal budget right from our very first conversation together. Hit us up to start your Christmas journey today!

The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself! 

There is a lot of temptation to buy and install your own Christmas lighting, but with a Christmas Brothers package, there is so much more than just the lights – you get a vast choice of décor, someone to find what you need within your budget, safe and knowledgeable installation, maintenance, and removal, and even storage of your chosen decorations, ready for next year. Woohoo!

So, for the most beautiful and professional Christmas light installation in Orange County…

There Are Other Stops on Our Christmas Route…

We also decorate homes and workplaces in Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Laguna Beach, Manhattan Beach, Newport Beach, Pacific Palisades, Pasadena, and Los Angeles too!