Christmas decorator for special events


There’s no doubt about it: Christmas time is party time! It doesn’t matter what you’re celebrating this holiday season – it could be a wedding, birthday party, office party, family get together, baby shower, or simply a celebration of Christmas itself – setting the right scene for a merry old time is crucial! 

Christmas Brothers will be your dedicated Christmas lighting and décor specialists this year. So let us get on with the hard work while you focus on getting the snacks and making a big bowl of punch. 


Your perfect special event must have the perfect decorations and lighting. Christmas Brothers’ list of fantastic choices always strike the right tone. Are you looking for something traditional and classic? Something wintry and atmospheric? Something fun and funky? Whatever your style, we have it! 

Lighting is probably the first thing you want to consider for your party or celebration. Indoors and outdoors, lighting will be the first thing people see when they approach your home or venue. You can show off with dazzling mini lights wrapped around… well, everything! Trees love them, shrubs adore them, and gates and railings thank Santa for their beauty, because they brighten otherwise dark objects and corners so well. We also have icicle lights, globe shaped ‘sphere’ lights, and even uplights to let your venue strike a pose. 

Welcome your party guests inside your building with a luscious, seasonal wreath on your doorway. Your wreath can be decorated professionally by our cool design team, or you can keep it classic and clean with a simple bow. We also think that the addition of garlands draped or wrapped around larger objects can really draw people in. 

What will people rock around, if you don’t have a Christmas tree? Gather your guests around a beautiful tree as big as you dare, decorated with lights and ornaments of your choice. Got a color scheme for your gathering? Let us know what it is, and we’ll make sure everything is co-ordinated. 


If you love Christmas and want to throw your party with style, you are in the right place.

From the very first time you speak to our team, we will guide you through everything to make the process of installing your holiday event décor as smooth as possible. You can tell us your own design ideas or speak to our team if you need some guidance. For example, we

can tell you what colors are great at the moment, or you can choose your own colors for events like festive baby showers, Christmassy weddings, or any other holiday parties.  

When you’re happy with your design, we will swiftly and carefully install your lights, trees, and other decorations in time for your event. We always make sure everything is in perfect working order before we leave you to enjoy your display. Then, when it’s all over, we will come back and dismantle everything for you as quickly – and sympathetically! – as possible.