Christmas decorator for banks


As a bank, you have a special relationship with your clients more than many other businesses. You could look after trusted customers for whole lifetimes. So, why not treat them to a beautiful Christmas display this season?

From roofline to entrance, and from lobby to teller windows, you have so many opportunities to delight your customers and staff with a splash of vibrant Christmas color. 

Show your customers how much you care with heartwarming holiday lighting and decor. And, because we know how busy you are, we want you to let Christmas Brothers take care of the whole project for you! 


Your building is dignified and dependable. So, as a starter we believe you cannot go wrong with some striking lighting around your roofline. This kind of lighting will make your bank shine the brightest on the street and accentuate your unique architecture. 

Then, for a delightful Christmas welcome for your customers, you could have traditional, uplifting wreaths in your entrance way. You may have doors that open automatically, so wreaths can be accommodated in your front windows rather than on your door, for example. 

For external areas that are a little more difficult to decorate, we highly recommend uplighting and wash lighting, which add a splash of color easily and with dramatic effect. We have a wide range of holiday uplighting in various colors. You could go full Christmas with reds and greens, or how about your brand colors for a personalised touch?

Then, when your customers enter your building, you can welcome them in with lighting wrapped around pillars, along walkways, and draped tastefully but cheerfully around teller windows. 

For a final flourish, how about a beautiful Christmas tree at the center of it all? Families you serve regularly will love to share this special time of year with you, and with one another.


If you have been given the job of finding Christmas décor and lighting for your bank, we’d love you to get in touch with us! Our vaults of decorations are full to the brim…

We will talk to you about your design options and ideas, based on the details about your bank. We will guide you through the whole thing, providing helpful hints and tips if you need them. 

A team of dedicated Brothers will then come to you and install your festive décor at a time that is most convenient to you, your staff, and customers. We will check everything is in perfect working order before leaving you to ‘wow’ your patrons. 

We promise everything will be in perfect working order, but we’re always on hand to fix any niggles and will be with you within 48 hours. 

Then in January, we will swiftly remove your decorations, again at a time that’s convenient to your business. We store your lights and decorations safely and securely until next season!

Let Christmas Brothers be your go-to team for Christmas decorations in your branch, year after year.