Christmas decorator for hoa’s


An HOA (HomeOwners’ Association) is one of the most perfect places to add holiday décor and lighting. Not only is it a great way to make sure every corner of the community is lit up for the season, but you and your neighbors can all share something magical. We think that’s pretty special!

A flawless Christmas display will lift everyone’s spirits this season. And you’re in the right place if you are looking for someone to take the job of installing it off your hands. We can meet with you and your neighbors, design your HOA’s look and color palette, then safely and quickly install the lights and decorations for you. You can hand over the whole project to our team of holly jolly experts!


The first thing you might want to consider is the entrance or gateway to your community. This is an excellent opportunity for a seriously Christmassy welcome! Wreaths on gates and lighting wrapped around pillars and fences give a glorious, festive feel. Give yourself – and your guests – the wow factor! 

How about a beautiful Christmas tree at the center of it all? We’re getting goosebumps just imagining everyone around the tree on Christmas Eve, singing carols, and chatting with one another. You can create a wonderful scene in your HOA with an enormous Christmas tree and as many ornaments or decorations as you’d like. 

You can add mini lights and our ‘sphere’ lights to existing trees, canopies, and shrubs. This lighting will turn every tree into a Christmas tree and accentuate their individual beauty too. 

Uplights and wash lights are perfect for HOA’s. Your community is unique and this kind of lighting will highlight your individual architecture or landscape. With considerately placed uplights you will easily illuminate a large area with a splash of vibrant color. Available in many colors, uplights are a great choice to provide cheerful lighting to areas where it is difficult to secure lights and décor.

And don’t forget, each property within your development can order their interior decorations and trees from Christmas Brothers too! 


From the moment you get in touch with us, we will take you through the design options and creative ideas for your HOA. We will smoothly guide you through the entire process, offering helpful hints if you need them. 

A team of dedicated Brothers will then come to you and install your decorations at a time that is most convenient to you and fellow residents. We will make sure that everything is checked and in perfect working order before leaving you to enjoy your very own, personalized Christmas scene. We promise everything will run like clockwork, but should something hit a slight snag, we will be with you to deal with it within 48 hours. 

Then, when it’s all over we will arrange a seamless and speedy removal of your decorations. We store your lights, artificial trees, wreaths, and other décor safe and snug until next Christmas.

We are sure that, once you have enjoyed your first winter wonderland from Christmas Brothers, you will come back to us again and again.